Hotel and Port Canaveral Shuttles

If you're traveling from the Orlando airport to the nearest port for Disney Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Lines or Royal Caribbean Cruises, the best way to get affordable, worry-free transportation is to reserve a Port Canaveral shuttle through our website. Why? Taxi fare to the port would be astronomical. And renting a car, well, there's a lot that can go wrong with that, as explained below.

The cruise lines offer big buses to move everyone from the airport – after all the flights come in. They charge between $70 and $75 per person for your entire group, which can be hundreds of dollars more than our private car options. Even if you've already paid for the cruise bus, you can cancel your bus reservation and get a refund.

We can get you to your ship – or to your hotel in Cocoa Beach or Port Canaveral – worry-free.

Rental Cars

It seems like renting a car and driving it to Port Canaveral would be easy enough, but there are many ways it can end up costing you much more than you expected.

Some of Florida's toll booths require a special pass and don't take cash. So you would have to pay a fee to use a pass issued by the rental car company, which could be a flat rate, or a daily rate, and that's in addition to the cost of tolls. Some rental car companies will charge a fee if you decide you don't want the pass. And if you're in a rental car and don't have that pass, your rental car company will bill you for any unpaid tolls plus administrative fees.

On top of figuring out what to do about tolls, you need to find a place to park your car for the duration of your cruise. You could pay to park it near Port Canaveral, but that's a costly option if you're planning to be at sea for a week. If you happen to be spending the night before your cruise at a Port Canaveral hotel with free parking, you might be able to leave the car there – but you still will need to get a ride from your hotel to the port, which can add more expenses to your trip.

Why Our Choices Are Better

Some shuttle services keep their costs down by limiting where they stop, so if you're not traveling from the airport directly to your ship, you may be out of luck. But we'll pick you up from wherever you are in the greater Orlando area and take you to your ship, your hotel – we'll even drop you off at a coffee shop in Port Canaveral, if that's what you want to do!

At Orlando Shuttle Service, we partner with only the best and most reliable transportation providers in the area. We also have exclusive rates for some vehicles that you won't find anywhere else, and a large selection of private shuttles, so you aren't at the mercy of other travelers' itineraries.

How far away is Port Canaveral?

Port Canaveral is about 50 miles from the Orlando International Airport and about 60 miles from Walt Disney World.

How many bags can a vehicle take per person?

That depends on the vehicle you book. When you compare prices on our website, you'll see how much luggage is permitted before you even submit your booking details.

Find Your Ride

You can use our simple online form to get a list of instant quotes for your ground transportation, and then submit your booking details online. We have lots of user reviews, too, so you can find out what other travelers thought about their experiences. Discover why Orlando Shuttle Service is the best place to find affordable and trustworthy transportation!

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