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So, you're traveling to Orlando? Great choice! It's a top destination for families, couples, groups and business travelers. But you've probably come up with a lot of Orlando vacation questions as you've been doing research and creating your itinerary – especially questions about transportation.

Orlando transportation can be tricky. Few hotels provide an airport shuttle. Rental cars are expensive, and you end up spending additional money on toll roads, gas and parking. And taxis? Well, there are too many travelers and not enough cars, to put it simply.

Good news, though: Orlando Shuttle Service offers comfortable, affordable and reliable transportation options! And we can answer common Orlando travel questions, such as:

Are there any Port Canaveral transportation problems I should be worried about?

Well, yes. Port Canaveral is about 50 miles away from the Orlando International Airport. A taxi to and from Port Canaveral will cost more than $200, not including tip and tolls. This page explains how to easily get to and from Port Canaveral without paying a fortune. (After all, you've already paid for an entire cruise).

What is the best Orlando limo service available?

Orlando has some fantastic limo service options – (and some not-so-fantastic options). At Orlando Shuttle Service, we hand-pick our limo service providers, and we can personally vouch for the quality of each company. Check out our Orlando limo service page to learn how to book your limo ride.

How is the taxi service in Orlando?

The taxi service in Orlando isn't exactly wonderful. Only a handful of taxi services are permitted to pick-up customers at the Orlando airport, so travelers sometimes end up waiting in long lines for a ride. You could end up paying quite a lot for your trip, if your taxi gets stuck in traffic – plus you have to cover the cost of tolls (the greater Orlando area is full of toll roads). Visit our Orlando taxi service FAQ page to get the dish on taxis and learn about other transportation solutions.

I need to get from the Orlando airport to Disney. What is the cheapest option?

Disney used to have a free shuttle for guests staying at one of its resorts, but that option was taken away in 2021. Now everyone has to find their own way to Disney World. Orlando's Lynx bus system is cheap, at $2 a pop. But you'd have to transfer buses a few times – not ideal when you're carrying luggage – and the city bus doesn't even go to Disney. Check out our Disney transportation page to learn how to get to your destination as cheaply as possible.

How expensive are the town car services in Orlando?

A family of four can book a private town car or sedan, round-trip between the airport and Disney World, for about $100 with fees, taxes and tolls included. Private cars will get you to your destination quickly – you don't have to wait around for other travelers to arrive, as you would with a shared-ride shuttle. Read more about the advantages of town car service.

What's the most painless MCO transportation option available?

If you're looking for a truly painless experience, a private town car or shared-ride shuttle is your best bet. Our MCO transportation page will help you find the most convenient, hassle-free ways to get out of MCO and to your Orlando destination of choice.

At Orlando Shuttle Service, we do the research so you don't have to. Get quotes for your transportation on our website, and compare prices to find the best deal.

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