Rental Cars

Rental cars in Orlando don't come cheap. The base rental price is just one portion of your overall bill. You'll also pay airport and city surcharges, rental company fees, tolls – and, of course, you need to pay for gas and parking.

Let's take a closer look at rental car prices at the Orlando airport. The base price for a very small economy car, like a Chevy Spark or a similar model, can be more than $350 for a week during peak travel season. Compact, standard and full-size cars run from $370 to $420 per week. Luxury cars, minivans and SUVs range from $450 to $900 per week. And that's if you book months in advance.

The Hidden Fees

In addition to renting a car, you'll also be responsible for local taxes, surcharges and any extra fees the rental agency tacks on. This can add at least $30 to the total cost of your rental. And it doesn't exactly end there. Once you have the car, you'll still have to pay for parking, tolls and gas.

What are the major toll roads I need to worry about?

Orlando's major toll roads are State Road 417 (Central Florida GreeneWay), State Road 408 (Spessard L. Holland East-West Expressway) and State Road 528 (Beachline Expressway). SR 417 and SR 528 are major highways for getting from the Orlando airport to the Walt Disney World area. Other toll roads in the Orlando area include state roads 429, 414 and 91, though these aren't as centrally located.

Couldn't I just avoid the toll roads?

Because there are so many lakes scattered throughout the Orlando area, the major highways – which are often toll roads – are sometimes the only thoroughfare that will get you from point A to point B. Sometimes there may be an out-of-the-way alternative route, but in most cases the surface streets will be packed with local traffic and their stoplights also cause delays.

How much is parking?

It costs money to park pretty much anywhere in Orlando – even at your hotel, in some cases. Most theme parks like Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld charge the same daily rates for parking. The rate for standard automobile like a sedan, van or SUV is around $17. The rate for a camper, trailer or RV is about $18, while buses and tractor-trailers pay about $21. Some hotels may charge $15 or more per night for parking.

Orlando Shuttle Service and Private Cars

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