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If you're traveling to Orlando and need transportation from the airport to your destination, here's an insider tip for you: You don't have to be rich to afford private Orlando car service! When people compare prices on the Orlando Shuttle Service website, they're often surprised to find that the cost of a private town car or luxury sedan is comparable to – and often less than – the cost of a shared-ride shuttle.

How is that possible? Well, we've worked hard to build relationships with the best transportation providers in the Orlando area, and that's why we're able to offer exclusive low rates for some rides that you just can't find anywhere else.

After being cooped up in an airplane with strangers, it's nice to hop into a private town car at the Orlando airport – and even better to have a personal driver, waiting for you and holding a sign with your name on it, to help you load and unload your baggage.

'Dependable' is Our Middle Name

OK, dependable isn't really our middle name, but it's a word that many people have used to describe our services. Your driver will be expecting you at the airport, with instructions to wait 30 minutes after your flight's actual arrival time before departing. And if you know you're going to be late, just call the car service, and you can arrange for a new pick-up time at no extra charge.

For people who don't travel often or have never been to Orlando, finding your way around our huge airport can be a little intimidating. But when a personal driver is waiting for you, the experience can be a lot easier. In our transportation reviews section, one customer said that she got lost in the airport after arriving in Orlando, but her driver called her mobile phone and helped her find the baggage claim area.

Personalized Service

We vouch for the quality of all the transportation companies you'll see on our website, and while you can have a perfectly fine experience on a shared-ride shuttle, you won't get the same level of personalized service that comes with a private car and driver.

One of our customers said her kids hugged their driver goodbye when they left Orlando. That just reinforces how friendly and likable these drivers are!

How much more expensive is a town car or sedan than a shuttle?

Well, sometimes, a town car or luxury sedan isn't more expensive than a shuttle. It really depends on where you're going, what special offers we have and how many people you're transporting. Even when the private car & driver is a few dollars more, many customers find it's worth the additional cost for the dependable, personalized service and more comfortable ride.

Be Comfortable

Traveling in a rundown taxi or noisy bus isn't the best way to start a vacation – especially when private cars are so affordable. Take a look at the rates we offer. Just select your departure point and destination, along with number of travelers, from the drop-down menu on our booking page, and you'll see just how affordable a private car can be!

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