Transportation for Family Vacations

Orlando is a great destination for family vacations. Area theme parks offer plenty of child-friendly activities, rides and dining options, and adults can spend time lounging by the pool or playing a few rounds of golf. But before the fun can begin, you have to get from the Orlando airport to your hotel – and probably listen to your excited kids ask, "Are we there yet?" over and over again.

When you make a booking through Orlando Shuttle Service, you won't have to worry about getting stuck at the airport, waiting for a taxi. Our driver will be there, ready to whisk you away to your destination!

Orlando: Land of Toll Roads

No matter where you're headed when you leave the Orlando International Airport, you'll be traveling on a toll road. Some shuttles and car services neglect to mention that, and customers end up being surprised when they have to pay more than they expected, to cover tolls. But at Orlando Shuttle Service, be assured that the trip cost of your booking includes taxes and tolls.

Through our partnerships with local transportation companies, we've gotten exclusive low rates that aren't available anywhere else – so you can compare prices to find the best car service in Orlando that works for your budget. From cheap shuttles to private limo service, we have transportation to suit everyone!

Explore Your Options

While a shared shuttle might be the most affordable option, it's not always ideal for families, because antsy kids may not enjoy having to wait at the airport as the driver waits for other passengers to arrive. But you'll find a private car can be quite affordable – and it gets you and your family to your destination as quickly as possible.

Staying outside of Disney World, but need to get the whole family there from the hotel? Don't count on being able to take your hotel's shuttle (if your hotel even has one). Hotel shuttles are small, so they fill up quickly. But you can reserve a ride with us, and we'll drop you off right at the entrance to the park.

What if I need a car seat?

The private car services on our website have car seats and booster seats – when you make your booking online, just put a note in the "Special Requests" section about the type of seating you need, and we will forward your request to them. Shared-ride shuttles, however, do not offer car seats, so you'll have to bring one with you if you book a shared shuttle.

I have a lot of kids and luggage to handle. What's the best transportation for my family?

You'll find private luxury vans on our website that can accommodate up to 10 people, seven large suitcases and five smaller, carry-on style bags. A private van or an SUV is probably the best option, when you want to avoid being jam-packed into a car with all your belongings and offspring.

Simplified Transportation

Some people are surprised that Orlando transportation can be such a hassle – it's just not easy to get around by taxi or to find and compare rates for car services and shuttles (check out our video, "The Problem with Orlando Transportation"). At Orlando Shuttle Service, we've done the research, so you don't have to. So book your transportation with us, and leave your worries at home!

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