Rental Car or Transportation Service

So, as I travel to many destinations on a regular basis I have noticed that no matter where you go, local traffic is usually a disaster to navigate (at least in the higher populated cities). Therefore, as I have been place to place I am noticing a trend when I rent a car…

First off, there is the initial cost of the rental in general. Then we get to the cost of gas. Also added with the cost of parking. Also keep in mind that all of these are per-day costs!! Parking can ding you more than once a day depending and usually the hotel valet is another added cost!

In short I have noticed that when I rent a car as opposed to getting a transportation service from point A to point B, I am spending a substantial amount more. Notably usually a few hundred. So, aside from wanting to save money, another reason I enjoy a driver as I hinted on earlier, is the fact that you do not have to get stressed about the driving or finding the locations. You just sit back and relax. Also helps that you don’t have to pay for the gas or the parking at this point.

So the next time you are booking your travel, really look into the cost of a rental and the added extras that go with it as opposed to a transportation service, and if you happen to be in the Orlando area definitely check out and let us help you save time, money, and sanity.

Happy Booking!!

Take The Time

Traveling is something that most people aspire to do somehow throughout their lives, if not at least into the golden years. So why do we wait so long to do it? For many it is a question of time. Others a question of money. Or a combination of both, among many other possible obstacles that may keep a person at home.

We live in a world today where we work even through our vacation time. Hundreds of thousands of vacation hours go unused every single year. We as a society today work all day everyday as a slave to our laptops, cell phones, and tablets. All a direct connection to our emails or for better words “the office”.

Many are so busy trying to make the dream that they forget to live the dream. Day in and day out not realizing that by passing on those vacation days or those extra hours they may have free while “on vacation,” that they could in fact be missing their moments of travel and memories. Vacations are not just to relax, but meant to experience as well.

Keep in mind also that everyone has their own definition of a vacation. Just because you can’t take a week and leave the country doesn’t mean that you can’t take a day or two and go on a drive or something smaller. We all could use a step back occasionally and take the time to let go of the office and make some memories.

Thats why here at we believe in an easier seam-free way to get where you want to be in the Orlando area. So no matter where you decide to travel just remember to take the time to experience as much as you can and make some memories.

Happy Travels!!