Best Out of Your Trip

So you’re going to Orlando you say?… Whats that?… Oh… and you’re wanting to visit Universal Studios as well?… I think that sounds like a grand idea!!! Are you aware that Universal Studios is actually made up of 3 separate parks as well as an amazing city walk? I know what you are thinking… I don’t need to see all three parks and the city walk. Well… let me inform you that once you arrive and realize how different each park is and the way that they are linked you will, without a doubt, be wanting to visit all of the attractions that Universal has to offer. Each park is unique in the types of attractions and the experiences that they offer. Not to mention that two of the parks are linked by the Hogwarts Express. So, if you only get a single park pass… You guessed it! You wont be able to experience the uniqueness and fun of the Hogwarts train or stations. That my friend is a sad time, because that is an experience all ages can enjoy! However, that is just the tip of the iceberg of things that you will be missing if you don’t consider a multi-park/multi-day pass. Not to mention we haven’t even chatted about fast passes yet, but don’t worry… I’m going to fill you in on that as well a little later on!

Now that I have your attention, let me help you with some good information on what you may want to think about doing for an amazing Universal Studios experience!!! There are a few key things that everyone needs to think about when planning a trip. Usually these things consist of transportation, lodging, tickets, attractions, and unfortunately the dreaded word… budget. Hopefully I can help with a few of these decisions or at least add some new information for you.
First, many of us may not live close enough to walk to the parks. Or all of us for that matter. So that is where transportation comes into play. You may need to fly, or drive, or possibly both. However you may need to get there, no one wants to deal with the hassle or the cost of tolls, parking, rentals, or gas! I mean you’re going to the park to have fun… not hassle with a car and all of the daily fees associated with it, correct? Well I do happen to have a solution for that and it does not involve having to learn how to grow wings! Its called and it is more convenient than you may think. I know what you’re thinking… Ugh another thing to have to deal with, but in reality its more like a gem that most don’t realize exist. is not just another transportation company. It is a personalized and individualized experience for you and/or your group. Not to mention usually cheaper than other companies that force you to ride with large groups of strangers! With OSS ( you set your pick up time, the type of transportation needed (car, suv, limo, shuttle, bus, motor coach), and the level of service you prefer (economy, business, or first class). You are also able to schedule a return trip at the same time as well. It is awesome!!! Then boom! OSS has eliminated daily parking fees, gas, tolls, and the hassle of dealing with the directions and traffic. With an easy to use website and top notch service I personally do not know why anyone would not choose to travel via any time they are in the area!

Now that we have your transportation figured out lets move to the next topic. Lodging!!! The easiest and maybe the most effective and convenient way to experience Universal Studios is to stay at a Universal Resort. I know… I know… that seems intimidating! Let me share with you why it is very much the opposite and how it will make your visit that much more enjoyable for everyone. Lets face it, one less hassle is one more happy moment for everyone. There are many “perks” to staying at a universal resort that you may not have considered. Lets start with the express pass that is included when staying at a Universal Property. An express pass allows you to jump ahead in most lines at all three parks! How awesome is that? Not to mention there are water taxis to and from the resorts and parks every 15 minutes until 2:00am, meaning your not confined to standard hotel shuttle time restrictions and can experience your days as you want to on your schedule. That also means that you do not have to pay for parking at the park or your place of lodging everyday, with could easily equal over $40 per day. That adds up! I am all for free water taxis and express passes to make my trip amazing. Now, there are many more perks, but that gets more specific based on where you stay and what type of stay you book. Those are the two common and most exciting/money saving ones that cover all onsite universal properties.

Next, comes tickets!! Oh boy we are getting to the fun stuff!! So to make the best out of your trip you should consider more than one day. So a multi day pass is always a great idea. Mostly because you can not possibly see everything in one day!! Believe me, you will want to see it all. There is just too much awesome stuff to pick and choose. With a multi day pass you should also consider a multi park pass as well, otherwise, you are restricted to the park you purchased for and can not experience any attraction (such as Hogwarts express) that link parks. A multi park pass is definitely the way to go to get the best experience and the best bang for your buck!! So now that you’re getting a multi day, multi park pass we don’t even need to talk about an express pass because you will be staying in a Universal Resort property. Correct? Well… if you are not staying at a universal property on site you should look into the express pass. It is an amazing little ticket that lets you skip ahead and not have to wait in the dreaded long hot lines. No matter how many day pass or how many park pass the express pass is a must have. You will be amazed at how much more you can experience when you aren’t having to spend your day waiting in long lines!!

Okay, we are now to the really fun part. Attractions! Universal Studio Parks offer three separate parks. All are accessible from one another, but in order to do that you will need to have that multi park pass I mentioned earlier and I promise you will want it. There is the original area of Universal Studios. Very awesome park with original screen sets and something for everyone as well as the exciting Diagon Ally attraction from Harry Potter. From there you are able to connect to another Park, Islands of Adventure, by the Hogwarts Express. This connects you into Hogsmead at Islands of Adventure. This park offers roller coasters, many shows, and the number one rated amusement park restaurant in the world 6 years in a row!! The third park and the newest park is Valcano Bay. This park is a 23 acre resort style water park that eliminates the lines and piles on the fun and relaxation. Then the last thing with these three parks is that they are all also connected by City Walk. The City Walk offers dining, shopping, and nightlife giving you no need at all to have to leave the Universal Orlando area and making your visit easy.

Last but not least we are onto that thing called budget. Yuck!! However, we all have one to some sort of extent. Now if you stay on property at a Universal Resort, granted it may seem a tad high, you are already saving money. Express passes get included, no parking costs due to using for transportation to and from the resort and not paying for parking at the parks or hotels with the water taxis. Also, many of the on site properties offer special early bird park hours as well as snacks and or drinks and meals. You will be saving money and having a one of a kind resort style vacation packed with fun and excitement.