Big Changes .. Better Service

Today we made major changes throughout our site. For the more than two years since Orlando Hotel Shuttles first went online, we have listed all the competitive rates from every transportation company servicing the Orlando area. Some of these rates were “Verified Best Price” rates, which we confirmed with each company to ensure there were “no surprises”; rates that included all fees and surcharges — everything except driver gratuity — so our customers could have a true apples-to-apples comparison when making their decision about which company to choose for transport to their hotel or resort from the Orlando airport.

Some of the companies wouldn’t commit to a definite price, so we listed the rates from their websites, but clearly notated that those rates were unreliable and might change if and when that transportation company accepted the new reservation. In all cases, however, we offered the most convenient and secure online reservations process to simplify the booking process.

Now, as time has gone by and we’ve gotten to know each company better — and the quality of service they provide — we have “settled” on a group of the Top Ten local transportation companies that we know are reliable and provide excellent service.

Our website has now been updated to list just those top vendors — still with the convenience of secure, online reservations and NO FEES added from us at all.

We hope you will find the new site to be just what you need for your Orlando hotel and Port Canaveral cruise transfers. We do the research so you don’t have to!